Mr. Termite Snake Control


When the warmer months approach, snakes all around Australia begin to scourge around for food and shelter. Australia is home to some of the most toxic snakes in the world including the eastern brown snake which is regarded as the most venomous snake in Australia.


When you encounter a snake in your home, It might be tempting to take the situation into your own hands and eradicate the pest yourself. However, many Australians are unable to distinguish the dangerous species from the more benign ones which can be potentially disastrous if you or someone in your family get bitten.


Our professional and knowledgeable team at Mr. Termite can help you understand your misunderstood serpentine friend and


The expert pest control technicians at Mr. Termite have made a name for themselves for providing professional, quick and effective services.


Snakes that are found inside homes tend to be smaller in size because they are able to sneak in through small cracks and crevases and hide inside your walls or in a dark and cluttered room. However, that doesn’t mean that they should be treated any less seriously. Whether you’re dealing with a petite corn snake or a

Tips For Snake Prevention


If you have discovered a snake or two in your property and are wondering why that may be the case, we can offer you a few common reasons.


  • Food: Snakes come out during the warmer months in search for food so if you have had a previous infestation of mice or rats then this could attract snakes.
  • Shelter: When snakes begin to wander out into your home, they do so in search for food and shelter. These cold blooded creature use the warmth found in rock or concrete walls to heat themselves up before going out and hunting for food.
  • Unkept lawn: if you haven’t mowed your lawn in a while, then the long grass can provide snakes the perfect place to hide.


Common Australian House Snakes


Many times, small kids are unaware of the dangers that many wild snakes present and are at risk of getting bitten. Unfortunately, snakes don’t discriminate between against who they feel threatened by and will attack if they feel provoked or scared.


  • Tiger Snake
  • Eastern Brown Snake
  • Low Land Copperhead
  • Red Bellied Black
  • Small Eyed Snake