Mr. Termite Rodent Control


Rodents are known to carry disease which is why that as soon as you spot an unsightly rat or possum in your home it’s time for you to call the professionals.

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Rat and Mice Control


With their long tails, round fury bodies, dark beady eyes and high pitched squeaking, mice and rats are a homeowners worst nightmare. They are the embodiment of dirt and uncleanliness and even the sight of them is enough to send shivers down most people’s spines.


Now people no longer have to wonder about how to get rid of mice as Mr. Termite make it easier for you and your family.

Rat traps can be cruel and many people don’t want to be confronted with having to dispose of the rat after they have been caught. Rat poisons can also be unreliable as there are no guarantees that they will take the bait.


So if you’re suffering from a sudden infestation of these verminous rodents, then the experienced professionals at Mr. Termite are your solution for a rat-free home! We have made a name for ourselves because of our dedication to providing our customers with top-notch service that is fast and effective.  


Possum Control


There are two main species of possums that are found; the Common Ringtail and Common Brushtail Possum. These native marsupials are highly territorial and difficult to remove once caught as they can quickly return.


The highly trained and qualified team at Mr. Termite can help you effectively prevent these animals from entering your house. We offer a comprehensive house inspection that allows us to discover any entry points that may open up your home to potential possum invaders. This way we can come up with the perfect course of action for your home.


However possums are in fact a protected animal so we are dedicated to remove the animal with respect without harming it. We do this by baiting the animals and then trapping them in a cages which are set around your property.