Pre-purchase Building Pest Inspection

Before purchasing any property, whether for business or residential reasons, it is important that pre-purchase building and pest inspections are undertaken.  A building and pest inspection is a way to safeguard potential property owners against investing in property that is full of problems and costly issues.  Here at Mr Termite Pest Control, we have an incredibly experienced team when it comes to conducting a pre purchase building inspection.  We understand and value the importance of making sure your potential home is not riddled with faults and if so, we have other services will assist with those.  

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Our building inspectors will come to your potential house and examine any area that they can access including the space under your roof, under your floor and the exterior of the building.  Pre purchase building inspections are more than about checking for unwanted pests.  Rather, our inspectors will make sure that there is no structural and foundation damage and water detereotion in the functional elements of the property.


We also recommend that even you are selling property that you conduct a building and pest inspection to determine whether any issues need to be addressed before it goes on the market.  The results of the building inspection report should also be provided to the potential owners of the property to avoid any conflict in the future.  


Investing in a building and pest inspection will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.  If problems are not detected and rectified as soon as possible, you may be in for a costly ride.  If you would like a building inspection report, give us a call on 0411 642 351 (or 07 3313 0942 for Queensland residents) or email us at and one of our professionals will be happy to assist you.