Pest Treatment Types

Naturally, this is the section you will be the most concerned about in regards to the health of your family members or any lingering aromas from the chemicals used in the treatments. Fear not because at Mr Termite, our pest control methods specialise in a revolutionary product known as Termidor.

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What is Termidor?

As an important element in our solutions, Termidor is an insecticide/ termiticide that makes them 100% pet friendly, child friendly and environmentally friendly. In comparison to other pest control methods, the main advantage it has is that it doesn’t repel the termites.


Because termites can detect older chemicals in your soil, they will stay away from them and remain active as they find new potential ways to enter your home. By considering this, Termidor is a non-repellent, meaning the termites will not be able to detect its presence and come in contact with the treated area. As a result, they will unknowingly pick up the lethal dose and be killed through ingestion. At the same time, their inability to detect Termidor will cause them to carry it back to their colony and pass onto other termites, creating the Genuine Termidor Transfer Effect (courtesy of Termidor®)


Genuine Termidor Transfer Effect

As mentioned, termites are social insects that live together in large colonies and feed and groom together. This means the Termidor will be spread through any feeding or other forms of contact. It should also be noted that Termidor is slow in taking effect on individual termites which gives them plenty of time to spread it across whole colonies and exterminate entire populations.


How long will the treatments last?

As the leading and award-winning pest control methods, Termidor will bind strongly to your soil for many years to come and provide thorough protection as long as it is not disturbed. Whether it’d be creepy crawlers to flying insects or even furry rodents, we will ensure the complete protection of your home so you can again enjoy the tropical sunny climates of Ipswich, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


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