Flying Insects

Australian flying insects are synonymous with our Australian culture however we all know how pesky and annoying they can be.  They hover around us and our food and pose a health risk to us as they can be carriers of germs and disease.  Many people often do not actively seek services to get rid of flying insects because they think Australian flying insects are just a small problem and do not need to be dealt with.  As pest control experts, we can tell you that when a small pest problem is left uncontrolled, it has the potential to turn into a serious infestation.   


Types of Flying Insects

Australia is home to many types of flying insects and more often than not, we see them as pests.   Australian flying insects are a huge problem, especially during the summer time which is why here at Mr Termite Pest Control, our services target all types of flying insects including bees, wasps, flies, mosquitoes and more.  In order to get rid of these flying insects effectively, it is important to target their breeding grounds and while they are still at their larvae stage to prevent further spreading.  

We want to help you get rid of flying insects and keep your home a sanitary and pest free zone.  If your house has been infested with Australian flying insects, or you simply want to prevent your home from future infestations, get in contact with us today.  Give us a call on 0411 642 351 (or 07 3313 0942 for Queensland residents) or email us at and one of our professionals at Mr Termite Pest Control will be happy to assist you.