Do you have a pest control problem in Brisbane? Then let Mr Termite take care of it for you, from beginning to end.


We start by carrying out pest inspections to help you identify the cause of your pest control problems. Our highly qualified professional exterminators will then talk you through any steps necessary to banish the pests from your property. Once we’ve identified the cause of your problems and worked out the best approach, our exterminators will get to work on banishing the pests from your home.


QLD’s Termite Terminators. Contact us today!

The local exterminator team

We specialise in termite control, with highly trained local professionals on hand to help. We are experts in termite inspections and preventative action against termites as well as building termite barriers and termite treatment.

We recommend annual termite inspections to help homeowners and companies to keep themselves protected against termite infestations and happily provide certification for your records.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer from an infestation, our dedicated team will waste no time in getting rid of the problem. We carry all of the equipment necessary to deal with a whole host of different pest control needs, so whatever the results of the inspection, we’ll be ready to get started straight away.

Brisbane’s best

We use only the best quality equipment and chemicals, to make sure that we carry out effective treatments which tackle the problem completely, instead of offering just a temporary solution. This is what makes us so confident in our performance that we offer full guarantees on everything we do, as well as comprehensive insurance to protect your property from future structural damage following our treatments.

So, whatever your Brisbane pest control needs, Mr Termite will come to the rescue. Give us a call today to explain your problem and obtain a free, no-obligation quote.

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