There is nothing worse than having a long black line of ants trailing around your kitchen searching for food. Once ants find a way into your home it then becomes difficult to get rid of them unless you call a professional. Even though there are many DIY kits out there on the market, the problem will persist unless you really know how to fix the root of the issue.


An ant infestation can be a massive inconvenience for those that have to suffer through it. They can travel through any small nooks and crannies that you might have in your house – some that you might not even be aware that you have.

The experts at Mr. Termite will use their years of experience to inspect your home and report back to you with all the problem areas that need to be treated.

Even though the common black ant we see in our backyard is not known to carry any disease, that doesn’t change the fact that they transfer the dirt and germs they are picking up from walking on the ground – especially if they come in contact with our food.

We take the stress and hassle out of ant control so that you can spend more time focusing on more important things.

What We Do

As the saying goes, a good defence is the best offence. The same can be said about getting rid of ants. The best way to get rid of them is to prevent them from coming back in the first place.

After our trained technicians inspect your home and point out the problem areas, we will begin our course of action. This may including having to use a specially formulated bait which attracts the ants before you eliminating them. This bait is safe for your family and pests but is still placed out of reach for added security. We also would use our special surface spray which will be applied around the perimeter of your home to effectively control the infestation of ants.

So call today and get a quote from the experts that you can trust!