Ant Control

We all know that ants exist in the millions and can often be pesky little creatures, particularly when they infest our homes through our kitchen cupboards and pantries.  Ant control is especially important in these situations and ant infestation is often a common problem that all households encounter at least once.  Here at Mr Termite Pest Control, we want to help you eradicate your ant infestation with effective ant control that is guaranteed to rid your house of these unwanted creatures.  

Ants often infest your house for one reason, they are looking for food.  Some ants can be harmful if they sting you or contaminate your food and any signs of ant infestation should be dealt with through effective and safe ant control methods immediately.  Resist the temptation to kill ants when you spot them, rather a more effective method of ant control would be to follow them back to their nest and eradicate the problem from the root cause.  

We are a trusted ant killer service and our ant control services offer a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to many ant killer pesticides your find in supermarkets.  While these supermarket pesticides may seem like a cheaper and faster method of ant control, the best ant killer treatments are actually those offered by professional ant control services such as ours.  Our ant control services are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also 100% pet and children friendly ensuring no harm to your loved ones.  

We offer effective methods of ant control including fire ant killers, so if you have an ant infestation that you would like taken care of, give us a call at 0411 642 351 (or 07 3313 0942 for Queensland residents) or email us at and one of our professionals will be happy to help you.