3 Steps to Pest Control

How does pest control work?


The age old question that comes from most of our clients is how does it work? How can we possibly turn a home infested with insects and rodents into a home where the only inhabitants aren’t free loading pests? (We’re not talking about your kids).  At Mr Termite Pest Control our secret is simple, we use only the finest pest control products and pair it with a thorough inspection and appliance to make sure the job is done right the first time.


The pest control process begins with a thorough inspection. Used primarily when valuing a house, inspections are used to evaluate if pests are present in the home as well as to find if there is any external threats. In Australia  1 in 4 houses have termites that cost homeowners thousand of dollars a year. With our inspection services we’ll be able to tell if there’s any creepy crawlies that call your house their home and help you get rid of them!


Afterwards we use our specialised pest control treatments to get rid of all your unwanted guests. All our chemical pest control methods are 100% environmentally friendly and perfectly safe for your pups or bubs, but that’s not the best part. As well as this we boast a 12 month termite free warranty as well as a 2 million dollar coverage against structural damage meaning you can rest easy knowing that the only things inside your four walls are your loved ones.


If you want to get rid of those pesky pests that are getting a bit too comfortable living in your home give Mr Termite Pest Control today! With our professional service and warranty guarantee what have you got to lose? Talk to one of our professionals now for a quote and start your pest free life today!